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Scientifically proven to reduce micro-plastic pollution by reducing fibre shedding and preventing plastic micro-fibres from entering the rivers and seas.
  • The easy way to reduce microplastic pollution, the Guppyfriend washing bag filters synthetic microfibres from your clothes and prevents them from finding their way from your washing machine to the ocean.
  • Simply pop your clothes into the bag and wash as usual, then collect the fibres and dispose of them properly.
  • The bag also helps extend the life of your clothes as the bag has a soft surface which leads to less loss of fibre from your garments.
  • Be a part of reducing plastic pollution.

How to use:

  • Put your synethic garmets into the bag, separating colours as you would normally.
  • Close the Guppyfriend washing bag and put on your wash as normal.
  • After washing remove your wet garments and then remove any microfibres from the hems of the Guppyfriend and dispose of properly.
  • It is recommended that washing powder is not used with this product but to use liquid detergent for best results. Wash at low temperatures.