Care and Repair

Caring for your clothing and caring for your planet come hand in hand. A little TLC will ensure it continues to be passed down through siblings and friends for years to come. 
Guppyfriend laundry bags: Scientifically proven to reduce micro-plastic pollution by reducing fibre shedding and preventing plastic micro-fibres from entering the rivers and seas.

Tenancious Tape: Fix rips, holes and gashes in your little one's favourite jacket instantly with Tenacious Tape Repair Patches. Patch up like a pro using these durable repair patches without the gooey mess. 
Down Jacket Repair Patch
Guppyfriend Laundry Bags Guppyfriend Laundry Bags

Care and Repair Designed to Allow Your Kids to Play Outdoors in Comfort

100% Recycled P.E.T Bottles

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Children & The Environment

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Fusing Fashion with Performance

Creating timeless, yet practical pieces that your children will want to wear... Shop the range