Founders Moodboard

" I am constantly inspired by the environments I immerse myself in and have a huge love of film and books centred on endeavour and wonder – great expeditions that defy all odds; His Dark Materials, Lord of The Rings, The Jungle Book, all inspire little minds to both believe in magic but also that anything is possible, you need only put your mind to it. "
~ Lucinda Waite, Co-Founder

'A Winter Nightscape'

Our AW23 collection is inspired by the midnight sky illuminating the flora and fauna on the earth below and is a celebration of the intricate beauty that surrounds us. 

The soft and timeless colour palette is evocative of the shades cast by the breaking dawn, awakening the richness of the earth.

" We start each season curating a colour palette, we’re obsessive about finding the perfect hues that will appeal to both child and parent, then all different skin and hair tones. It takes forever but it’s critical to us that colours stand the test of time so they can be worn for as long as possible, then easily passed on regardless of gender. "

A Very English Summer

Our Spring collection takes inspiration from the nostalgia of a British summer; optimistic deck chairs searching for sun under the cloudy skies, bramble picking in the hedgerows, sun filled picnics in the meadows of wildflowers and taking cover from the rain on a day at the beach.

Designed with practicality and function at the core, featuring waterproof pieces that are light enough to be worn or carried on a warm day when the rain clouds gather unexpectedly.

" We spend a lot of time outdoors as a family and I’m forever scribbling down ideas or taking photos of colours and situations that catch my attention. "

" We rigorously develop and test proto-type samples to ensure our products perform and are as comfortable as possible for our tiny explorers. It’s imperative to us that kids can stay outdoors for as long as possible in our kit, feeling great and protected whilst doing so.
We want our explorers to positively associate their clothes with time spent outside, so that they look forward to putting them on and thus look forward to getting out, we cannot abide the thick rubbery waterproofs that restrict movement. "