How to Sell your Töastie Preloved

Preloved | Reloved is the curation of our own circular economy, finding new homes for barely worn samples or gently loved pieces. 

Töastie | Made to be Worn, Loved, Outgrown but Never Thrown.


A used coat is far from redundant.

You can now give another Tiny Explorer the opportunity to experience their own wonderful adventures in your best loved Töastie.

If you feel your items are beyond repair, we still want to bring them home and we will promise to give them a beautiful new life 🖤

How do I sell my Preloved back to Töastie? 

1. Email our team at including item name, date of purchase and condition of garment. We will issue you with a reference number.

* If you would like an estimated sale price, please send us clear photography showing condition of item, with any damage shown and we will offer a quote, subject to item being checked by our in-house team.  

2. Send your Preloved item(s) with reference number included to the following address: 

Töastie Preloved
Ravenstone Hall Estate Office
Ashby Road
LE67 2AA

3. When we receive your item(s) we will assess them based on their condition and will offer you a voucher that can be redeemed against any purchase from the Töastie website. 

How much will I receive for my Töastie Preloved? 

Good as new: £15 voucher
- No tags, but virtually unworn

Gently used: £10 voucher
- Worn, presented good condition without any damage to item

Slight damage or needs repurposing: £5 voucher
- Worn, torn and tells a thousand stories of heroic adventures. We will resell it if we feel it is in a wearable condition, or bring it back to life in a new form entirely and will share details of its new journey with you. 

We would love to discuss your Töastie Preloved and answers any questions you might have so please do get in touch.