Seed Gathering

August is the perfect time to wander around your garden and see what seeds you can save for next year.We started inside on newspaper with a Delphinium stem that we’d let dry out for a few days in the airing cupboard, but soon realised this was an outdoor job when the seed heads started exploding and seeds were popping out everywhere!My eldest got the secateurs and got to deadhead all the poppies - try snipping them straight into a bowl otherwise tiny poppy seeds will spray everywhere!Once you’ve collected them all break into the pods and release all the tiny seeds! You can store these in jam jars ready to plant in the Spring - or if you gather enough, you can share them with family and friends - or do as we did, and have a trestle table at the end of the drive to 'Plant a Smile' 🖤 

Our ethos

To create a deeper connection between children and the environment, with a view to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in future generations coupled with a lifelong desire to nurture and protect our planet.

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