Tiny Corners

“The concept behind 'Tiny Corners' is that everyone should have a ‘Tiny Corner’ of nature regardless of access to green space. We wanted to give children the opportunity to nurture a Tiny Corner of nature from seed, to seedling to living plant, in their own home.”
We chose to partner with Amborello Organics seed-bearing lollipops as we love the idea of capturing a child’s curiosity in learning that a tiny seed held within the biodegradable stick of their lollipop could turn into the flavour of their lollipop. It teaches children to look for the origin of where their food comes from and it connects them in a beautiful and simple way to nature.
We are delighted to partner with Trees for Cities and 1% for the Planet on this project and in the Spring of 2021, we will be rolling our Tiny Corners concept out across schools in the UK. This is just a starting point and we hope to be able to build on this in the future. We will keep you updated on all developments here.
We believe that when children plant a seed and watch for the first little push of green seedling through soil, it opens their eyes to the importance of nurturing this delicate and beautiful piece of nature unfolding before their eyes. We want all children, not just the ones with the privilege of a green space to play in and explore, to be able to witness this phenomenon. 
Everything must always be bringing us back to nature.