Our Customers

“If sustainability is at the heart of our brand, then within this beating heart sits our customer, both parent and child. Our customers are the ones that drive us forward, they are our greatest judges, and we never lose sight of what each of them require from us. For the wearer, our greatest priority is comfort. For the parent, it must be durable, be performance led, be endlessly machine washable and must seamlessly bridge the gap between fashion and function.”
We have customers that we know by name as their loyalty for the brand has spanned from our early days and their support is incredibly humbling. We reward all our wonderful loyal customers with subscriber offers and hope that the imminent introduction of our ‘Pre-loved | Re-loved’ members only area will add to their holistic Töastie experience. This area will allow them to trade in used coats for new ones when their little ones have outgrown them. We understand that sustainability is a hugely important factor to our customers and this new mini circular economy we are creating will allow them to ring in the changes without having to abandon a well-loved coat.