Sustainability strategy

“Our sustainability objectives are focused around three key areas: Production, Education and Nature.”

Product and Production Methods

  • From 2021 every product in our line will meet our minimum requirement of 40% recycled.
  • Puffers Jackets 2021: Recycled Down (Cloud & Lunar)
  • Rainwear: Recycled Plastic PET Bottles (Raincoats, Dungarees & Parkas)
  • Sorona® range (EcoReversibles, Onesies & Parkas)
  • Sweatshirts: Organic Cotton blended with recycled polyester and dyed using organic dye derived from natural sources.
  • From 2021, a minimum of 40% recycled materials will be maintained as a core requirement and by 2022 we aim to have 80% of the range itself made entirely from recycled materials. We are confident that by working closely with our sustainably conscious and innovative suppliers we can meet this target.
  • We are currently developing a product that is 100% recyclable and aim to launch this in 2022.
  • All of our packaging and labelling is FSC certified, stickers and packing tape are biodegradable and polybags are 100% recycled & recyclable. We will continue to monitor innovations in the market for any areas that can further be improved.
  • We are in ongoing discussions with our suppliers looking at alternative options to replace polybags entirely. 
  • We are launching a ‘Pre-loved | Re-loved’ area on our website in February 2021, whereby customers will be able to send their loved coats back into be assessed and resold in exchange for vouchers to spend on a new coat. Whilst encouraging customer retention, this is importantly creating our own mini circular economy. This will also give us an avenue to sell samples to ensure that no good coat goes to waste.
  • Any coats that have not sold after one year will automatically be donated to charity.
  • A final key sustainability objective is again working closely with our factory to explore solutions to create our own circular economy, repurposing and recycling our used coats. As we are still in an early growth stage, this is something we do not anticipate being possible until 2023, but we are actively working with our suppliers researching this area.

  • We recently launched an initiative called ‘Tiny Corners’ sending seed-bearing lollipops out with each order. The biodegradable sticks can be planted to grow either a basil or elderflower plant, depending on the flavour of the lolly. This is an exciting concept for children that having enjoyed the flavour of their lollipop, they can then grow the flavour themselves.
  • The concept behind ‘Tiny Corners’ is that everyone can have their own Tiny Corner of nature, regardless of access to green spaces. 
We hope to build on this project working with schools over the coming years.


Everything we do comes back to connecting children to nature. Nature is the one single most important resource available to children. It helps develop their inquisitive minds, it encourages imaginative play, it is proven to reduce anxiety and makes children feel happy. In an increasingly tech-orientated world, we want to play an important role in promoting less screen time and more nature time for children. By designing outerwear that gives children greater freedom to explore, we hope to extract them from the tangles of a social media, tech driven world and repatriate them in nature.
We feel passionately that children are the future custodians of our planet and it is our responsibility to give them the tools, the education and the motivation to explore, engage, love and cherish the natural world around them.