“Our suppliers share our same core values of respecting both planet and people. We are proud of the lengths that our suppliers go to, to ensure they offer a fair working environment for their staff. The wonderful people on the factory floor are the ones who make everything possible. It is essential that they are not only fairly compensated but that they freely choose to work.”
Our suppliers have completed the Sedex Ethical Members audit, which means they have been approved for their ethical working values related to their supply chain, social and environmental performance and working conditions. To have continued visibility through Sedex, our suppliers are required to act responsibly and sustainably with regard to planet and people and ensure consistent transparency and traceability throughout. 

We also require that all our suppliers sign our ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ which outlines the standards we expect to be upheld and confirms their cooperation in the following fields; Ethical (including anti-corruption, data protection), Human Rights, Workforce (including freedom of employment, working conditions, living wages, zero discrimination), Environmental and Sourcing (animal welfare).