“Our packaging and labelling is all FSC certified, stickers and packing tape are biodegradable and polybags are 100% recycled & recyclable. We continuously monitor innovations in the market for any areas that can further be improved.”

Our core packaging ‘Adventure Box’ is made from recycled materials, fully recyclable and FSC certified. We have incorporated botanical inspired illustrations designed to allow a child to colour within the lines, as well as a simple scavenger hunt, into the interior of the box to allow children to enjoy a second use after delivery. Our FSC certified tissue paper is printed on acid-free paper using soy-based ink and our suppliers at Noissue plant a tree for every order (our most recent order allowed a tree to be planted in the Andes). Our labels are made using cane-fibre biodegradable paper. Our polybags are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Finally, wherever possible we ship our bulk product by sea freight rather than air freight. 

We work with local suppliers for all of our packaging and marketing materials, ensuring that we are reducing our carbon footprint and enabling employment within local communities. 

The key areas we would like to improve upon are:

Paper Free: We are gradually going paper free on all orders and anticipate this to be implemented by early 2022. 
Polybags : We are in ongoing discussions with our suppliers looking at alternative options to replace polybags entirely.