Töastie is a British children's outerwear brand for the TinyExplorer®

We are a female founded, high-end British Eco Childrenswear brand specialising in outdoor products, designed specifically to allow children the freedom to explore and engage with the Natural World. Our ethos is to create a deeper connection between children and the environment, with a view to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in future generations coupled with a lifelong desire to nurture and protect our planet.

Töastie was founded by two friends with a shared love of exploring the great outdoors. Kirstie Duke and Lucinda Waite met at University and have been the greatest of friends ever since. As female founders, they are unwaveringly passionate about the brand and truly live and breathe it every second. They have run the business single handedly and they still make all key decisions together.

"Having spent an entire childhood immersed in the wonder of the great outdoors, we've been so grateful over the years to know what it is to call Nature our church.

With each step forward, we hope to encourage more and more children to embrace the natural world from the very beginning, to know that in difficult times, adventure provides limitless therapy without judgment or cost."

~ Lucinda Waite and Kirstie Duke, Co-founders

Adventure runs through our DNA

We practise what we preach, we understand the vital importance of outdoor activity on mental and physical health. Our love of adventure and endeavour permeates every aspect of the brand and we are always pushing ourselves to breach new limits both in and outside of the office.
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As founders, we believe in the magic and wonder of the great outdoors. From trekking vast green hills to exploring hidden treasures on the beach with our families, our ethos focuses resolutely on encouraging children to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of our planet.
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