Collection: Laura Brand | The Joy Journal

We are delighted to be able to share Laura's beautiful sun catcher activity, which is easily tailored for very small hands (2 years and up). 

The idea is to provide a fun, decorative craft that can be hung up in your window to bring some sunny joy to any room and a perfect welcome for Spring.

Tracing paper allows for a warm glow highlighting any drawings or silhouettes. You will find with pressed flowers it shows up their details beautifully but you can also use your paper scraps to cut out flower or other interesting shapes to place on or form patterns. For budding artists and younger children they can draw with brightly colour felt tip pens (felt tips work best as the light glows through), straight onto the tracing paper and this will appear like a stained glass window when hit with light.


For the Sunshine - draw a big circle on a piece of yellow card and cut it out. Use this circle to draw another circle onto your tracing paper and then cut that out. Going back to the yellow card, fold it in half and leaving a border of about 1.5 inches, cut a smaller circle out, which should leave you with a circular, yellow frame. Glue one side of this frame and put it onto your tracing paper circle. Use your yellow paper scraps to cut the rays of the sunshine, glue them onto the back of the frame and punch a hole to put string through. Decorate and hang up!


For the rectangle- fold a piece of A4 paper or card in half. Now leaving a 1.5/2 inch border cut out a smaller rectangle inside. You will now have your frame. Glue round the whole frame and place the glued side on top of a piece of a4 tracing paper. Decorate and stick up or hang (using a hole punch makes this easy!)


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