We started working with Tacking Co in 2024 to produce our swimwear, made from recycled plastic bottles.

We were drawn to their commitment to quality and have found their production absolutely faultless. 

They share our passion for sourcing new and innovative materials, making sustainability a priority throughout. They are BSCI audited, driving social compliance throughout their supply chain. 

"Our eco-friendly manufacturing process at TACKING Apparel prioritizes sustainability at every stage:

1-Sustainable Sourcing

We meticulously select environmentally friendly materials and ethically sourced fabrics to minimize our ecological footprint.

2-Energy-efficient Production

Our manufacturing facilities employ energy-efficient technologies and processes to reduce waste and conserve resources.

3-Waste Reduction

We implement practices aimed at minimizing waste throughout the production process, from design to packaging, ensuring responsible use of materials and minimal environmental impact.