" Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. "

~ John Ruskin

At Töastie, weather conditions are something of an obsession. In the glorious British Isles, where we are design all of our collections, we are endlessly inspired by the ever changing narrative that the weather provides. From waking up to torrential rain, to enjoying a clear blue sky for breakfast, to hail in the afternoon and a gale in the evening. We regularly live four seasons in one day and find joy in the unpredictability of it all. 

What is not joyous, however, is not being prepared and getting caught off guard by a rainstorm just when you thought you were in for an afternoon of sunshine.

This is why we created our Pack-a-Mac; fully waterproof, super lightweight and packs down into a handy travel bag. We consider this to be both the ideal and the essential top layer for our eternally undecided Spring weather. 

So what are the key elements that set the Töastie Pack-a-Mac apart from its peers?

Technical performance.

The outer-shell fabric; made using recycled PET plastics, with a PFC free, DWR (durable water repellent) finish is fully waterproof to 8,000mm. Vents under each and a soft inner airtex lining guarantee maximum breathability and stop the wearer from feeling sweaty.

Fit ~ Comfort is king ...

... particularly when it comes to all-day outdoor play. Forget about heavy rubber or crunchy exteriors, our raincoats have a silky, peach-soft finish, so that even the fussiest of children will look forward to wearing them. They are so soft, supple and lightweight that they can be be comfortably worn over the top of a warmer coat on a cold day to provide full waterproofing.

Töastie Pack-a-Macs allow for non-restrictive, free movement so your little one can run and play without being hampered by heavy rainwear. 

Subtle design details

The engineered peaked hood has been specifically designed to keep rain from falling on to the face, delicate safety reflective details to keep them safe and easy grip zip pulls to allow tiny hands to zip in and out in their fiercely independent way. 

Generous sized pockets keep hands warm and can be stuffed full of special nature finds on a big adventure, fastened with a popper making it manageable for your little one to open and close as needed. 

The Pack-a-Way Appeal 

Our Pack-a-Way Puffers pack-down easily into a little bag contained cleverly within their own pocket, for maximum space efficiency when travelling. Hang from the back of a rucksack or use as a travel pillow at the end of a long day, making this your most versatile companion. 

Durability and Timeless Appeal 

Crafted from hard-wearing fabrics and trims, our Pac-a-Macs are made to be passed down through families and friends. The timeless colour palette allows them to easily transcend seasonal trends, giving you something that will remain just a relevant for the fourth child along and the first.