Our Award Winning Rainwear, made using around 14 recycled P.E.T plastic bottles, makes wet weather adventures not only possible, but positively embraced by Tiny Explorer's everywhere! 

Our rainwear has been specifically designed with a child in mind. 

This might sound obvious, however we pride ourselves on crafting outerwear that is consistent with a child's needs, enabling ultimate; functionality, breathability, comfort, movement. All styles are engineered with room to grow, allowing for maximum usage over the years. (They are also endlessly machine washable, essential in the aftermath of muddy adventures).



It is essential that our rainwear is fully waterproof. All seams are fully taped on the interior of the garment, stopping any water from sneaking inside the coat. The fabric also features a watertight membrane (free of any nasty chemicals), which withstands up to 8,000mm water. Read on to understand what this means! 

This describes how dry the coat will keep you depending on the levels of water thrown at it (from the skies, or an unsuspecting bucket of water from a joker sibling). 

What does this Waterproof rating actually mean? 

In a test room, a long tube is placed over the fabric and the tube is then filled with water. A coat that is waterproof to 8,000mm is the equivalent of having 8 full meters of water poured on it before it begins to leak through. 

Let's look at the average amount of daily rainfall in the UK. At it's height, the UK sees an average daily rainfall of 91.7mm in the month of October, so if you want to start road testing your Töastie Waterproof Rainwear this is your moment!

Töastie Rainwear is worlds apart from raincoats and waterproof dungarees of old.

We have moved into a parallel universe, where we achieve ultimate levels of waterproofing, yet with comfort like no other. Soft, gentle and as waterproof as you are ever likely to need, provided you don't plan to spend a day sitting under the Niagara Falls. 


Soft | Breathable | Waterproof | Soft thermo-regulating lining | Reflective details | Fleece pockets | Unrivalled comfort | Sustainably produced | Timeless design | Machine washable | Unisex colour palette |

Your Tiny Explorer will love the rainy days and what's more, Töastie raincoats are so light and comfortable they can be worn throughout the seasons, come rain or shine.