"Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow"
Getting kids excited, involved and engaged with nature is at the very heart of what we hope to achieve as a brand. We are incredibly excited to launch our new campaign 'Tiny Corners'.

The idea behind 'Tiny Corners' is giving everyone the opportunity to nurture a Tiny Corner of nature in their own home. The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of nature in the lives of children and we want to demonstrate that no big garden is necessary to have a connection to nature.

We believe that when children plant a seed and watch for the first little push of green seedling through soil, it opens their eyes to the importance of nurturing this delicate and beautiful piece of nature unfolding before their eyes. We want all children, not just the ones with the privilege of a green space to play in and explore, to be able to witness this phenomenon. 

Every order placed online receives a seed bearing lollipop and customers have the option to purchase a second lollipop to donate to schools as part of a planting project.

We will be working with schools to get whole classes planting and nurturing 'Tiny Corners' in their homes and will be updating you on here in due course.