If you're looking for the best cold weather coats for your little ones, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about selecting the best kids coats for every occasion. Whether you live in a cold climate, or are visiting one - we'll explain what a tog rating is, how important waterproofing is and how it can help you choose the right outwear clothing for your child. We'll also recommend some of the best children's coats for minus temperatures. Keep reading to learn more. 

What is tog rating in children's coats and what tog do you need?

Tog rating is a measure of thermal insulation, or how warm the clothing will keep your child. The higher the tog rating, the warmer it will be. Generally speaking, you should take into account what temperature your child will be in - for instance, if they are skiing and playing in minus degrees, then thicker coats with a high tog rating are your best bet. However, if you're just out and about in cold climates at lower temperatures, then a lighter coat with a lower tog rating will suffice.

Fill power is another term for calculating warmth and measures the loft of a down product, which is essentially the quality of the down used in puffer jackets. Maximum loft occurs when the down clusters are fully expanded. The fill power rating value is calculated by measuring how many cubic inches an ounce of down creates at its maximum loft.

The fill power rating can range from 300 to 900 and above. The most common down products have a rating of 400 to 500. These are considered to be low quality as they are made from smaller down clusters. When purchasing a high quality down fill jacket, you should look for a fill power rating of at least 550 for added warmth.

Our Wïld Lunar Puffer has a fill power 650 from recycled down for ultimate warmth and a Tog rating 6.3. It features a sherpa fleece lined hood and fleece lined pockets for extra cosiness.

What other features should I look for when buying a children's coat?

If you live in an area where it rains or snows often, waterproofing is key. Make sure that your child's coat is waterproof and windproof to keep them warm and dry in any kind of weather. It's also important to look for coats with a hood, as this will provide extra protection from the elements - many of our coats have an engineered snug hood and additional lining to ensure added protection from the elements. 

Our kids raincoats are fully waterproof with taped seams up to 8,000mm. You can layer the Classic Raincoat over your preferred puffer or consider our 3-in-1 designs that have a super cosy and completely detachable bomber jacket inside a fully waterproof raincoat.

The Best Kids Coats for Minus Degrees

When it comes to finding the best kids coats for minus degrees, you'll want to look for a coat with a high tog rating and waterproofing. Here are some of our top picks:

The Wïld Lunar Puffer ~ Our ultimate cold weather companion is insulated with 650 fill power recycled down and has a tog rating of 6.3, making it perfect for minus temperatures. The recycled down fill is naturally thermoregulating and breathable, responding to your little ones’ body temperature and an engineered snug hood with sherpa lining provides additional warmth.

Toastie Wild Lunar Puffer

The Wïld North Star Parka ~ Our heavy-weather Parka Jacket has a tog rating of 4.5 and a fully waterproof shell, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures when the weather is apt to change. Made with a plant based, vegan friendly fill designed to imitate the qualities found in genuine down, the Töastie North Star Parka is naturally thermoregulating and highly breathable, with engineered snug hood and sherpa lining for additional warmth. 

Toastie Wild North Star Parka Olive

We hope that this guide to cold climate clothing for kids has been useful in helping you find the best coats for minus temperatures. From choosing the right tog rating and fill power rating to looking out for added features like waterproofing, adjustable cuffs and an engineered snug hood - you’ll be sure to find the perfect winter coat for your child.

Remember that layering is key when it comes to staying warm in cold climates. Consider investing in a good quality puffer jacket or parka and add extra layers like thermals and fleece.