When it comes to choosing a coat versatility is key.

As parents ourselves we understand that you are looking for something that will see your children through the ever changing weather conditions that occur over the course of a day.

A coat that is warm, but not too warm and certainly never stuffy. Something that is waterproof for those unexpected rain showers, but not stiff and uncomfortable. A coat that gives maximum freedom of movement, that doesn't restrict our Tiny Explorers when reaching for the highest branches of a tree or racing their friends up a hill. A coat that is suitable for school, but equally at home on a weekend adventure ~ and can elevate itself for a family trip to the theatre. 

Well, we don't mind telling you we've cracked this one and the Independent agreed 🙌

Our 3-in-1 raincoat will be the most versatile coat in your Tiny Explorer's wardrobe, with a soft and insulated bomber jacket that zips neatly into a fully waterproof raincoat. The two layers can be worn separately or together, making this coat a true winner for all year round wear. 

With both layers combined, our 3-in-1 Raincoat will stand up to a cold winter's day, take our the inner layer and the raincoat will protect from the April showers, hang the raincoat on a hook by the front door and head out on a summer's evening with just the inner bomber jacket thrown on and then as we head into Autumn, time to start combining both layers again to protect against wind chill. 

Made from recycled plastic bottles, the outer shell of our 3-in-1 waterproof raincoat is peach soft to touch. The fabric is extremely durable and hard-wearing, while retaining a suppleness and softness that gives it unrivalled comfort to wear. 
Designed to withstand heavy rain and with waterproofing up to 10,000mm, you can leave the house in absolute confidence that your Tiny Explorer is protected against the elements. 

The TÖASTIE 3-in-1 waterproof raincoat is available in two timeless colours and a limited edition naïve print 'Northern Star'.