Beavers are Ecosystem Engineers

We are so delighted to be supporting the incredible Beaver Trust with our latest collection of organic cotton sweatshirts and by donating towards their incredible work through our annual 1% For the Planet donation.

Beavers or ‘Nature’s Architects’ play a huge part in maintaining our ecosystem and their reintroduction in the UK hopes to regenerate our lands, reduce flooding and restore our rivers.

🌱 Beavers are a keystone species - their presence affects the survival of other animals by changing habitats and creating new ones

🌱 Beaver dams and ponds filter out pollutants such as agricultural chemicals

🌱 Beaver ponds provide nurseries for invertebrates, fish and amphibians; while clearings fill with wild flowers, attracting insects and birds

Sadly, the UK is one of the most nature depleted countries on the earth and is in the bottom 10% of Biodiverse Eco system. Staggeringly we have lost nearly half our Biodiversity since the industrial revolution. The Beaver Trust have carefully managed the re-wilding of these masterful creatures back into nature to help bring about an explosion of wildlife 🌿

A word from our partners 🦫

Beaver Trust is delighted to have the support from Toastie and its customers. Every donation will be a vital contribution to the mission of the organisation during a pivotal time for the environment and climate - helping us to restore Britain's rivers and their wildlife with beavers, and facilitate associated management and education programmes around the country. "