"Reuse the Past, Recycle the Present, Save the Future."
This Christmas, make the choice to swap to sustainable wherever you can. Make the choice to embed it in all your future Christmasses. 

You can begin to build new family traditions around these green choices. And the wonderful thing is, our ideas below don't make life more challenging as going 'eco' can sometimes feel, they add wonderful flourishes to your family Christmas and allow for important time doing, making and giving as a family. 

1. The Töastie Eco gift guide.

We can make important, conscious choices when it comes to Christmas shopping. There are so many beautiful brands that care about our planet and our people. #ShopSmall

Below are our favourites and the difference they are making: 

LeJaana *

Laura works with artisan producers in India to bring you the most spectacular selection of bags and dhurries (hand woven cotton rugs), alongside bone inlaid trays and keepsake boxes in striking colours. I have lusted after their black and white hexagon tray forever. 

"The hundreds of women dhurrie weavers have empowered themselves with their craft and they have been able to raise the living standards of their families in addition to gaining economic independence. Going further within the remote rural areas and creating bonds in these villages gives them the opportunity to not only weave the dhurries, but to weave their own futures." 

 * Sleepy Doe *

We have had a love affair with Sleepy Doe from the day they launched. The beautiful hand-drawn prints in a sophisticated colour palette, on the softest cotton make these such a dream for kids and grown ups alike. I can guarantee you need a pair of their 'Women's Leggings' in your life. 

"All methods of manufacturing are sustainable and ethical, reflecting the standards of the whole brand. No harmful dyes are used in the printing method and all products are printed on OXTEX or GOTS certified organic cotton, ecologically sourced. Currently products are designed and manufactured in the U.K and Spain, supporting independent factories and businesses."

 * Smalls Merino * 

Smalls Merino produce the most wonderous, naturally thermoregulating layers and lounging options in truly timeless, muted colours. We love their long sleeve tees, the ultimate perfect thermals for anything from skiing to the playground. 

" We are all about ‘Slow Fashion’. Slow’ to us means buying less and choosing well. We create luxury essential merino garments that have genuine longevity and traceable provenance, all the dots carefully joined, from farm to fashion." 

This is my absolute go-to for children's gifts. Their selection is so thoughtfully curated, with truly original ideas making it a one-stop show for gifting. Beautifully made retro wooden cars, toys reminiscent of my own childhood (around 100 years ago) and watercolour paint trays made from natural dyes - to name but a few. 

"Bunny Hop loves things that are made locally, preferably from organic materials, and using sustainable methods that respect the environment and the people who make them, too."

The Reset Project

Rachael describes this as 'yoga for people that don't do yoga' which is probably why it works so beautifully for me (zero flexibility and sub-zero coordination). 

"My thinking is that if people go home happy, relaxed and revitalised, not only will they reap the numerous benefits of yoga but it'll also have a knock-on effect on their families and friends and so on. I have a pretty bold aim of changing the lives of as many people as possible, all through the power of yoga."


2. Super stylish Christmas wrapping.

Roll of recycled brown paper
Eco friendly kitpas crayon or chalk pen
Garden twine or ribbon 

* This is also really calming and relaxing art therapy *

3. Create your own Christmas tree ornaments.

The wonderful @clairefyfecooks star of Masterchef 2020 and constant purveyor of happiness on and off the plate, has shared her Salt Baked Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorations: 

500g plain flour
250g salt 
250ml water
4 tbsp cinnamon 
2 tbsp all spice

Mix all ingredients together, then knead and roll quickly or the dough will go solid!

Bake at 150 degrees for 2 hours, then let them rest for an hour. They should be hard as rock and ready to hang from the highest branches. 

* These look good enough to eat ... but don't! Save them in a tin and bring them out every year to make your tree look and smell delicious *

4. Create your own Christmas decorations.