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“The emphasis is on all of us to consider how we can refine our lives to better protect our planet; whether it be single use plastic, our buying habits, how we wash our clothes. No day more poignant to consider and commit, than
World Ocean Day.”


World Ocean Day is a a wonderful celebration of our mighty oceans and a prudent reminder of just how much exactly they give to us. 

Our oceans are a multi-faceted, living, breathing, ebbing and flowing, beating heart of our planet.

Crucial to our survival, oceans provide almost 50% of the world's oxygen and stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere. 

It is equally critical that the creatures that call our oceans home are protected.

The earth, its ecosystems and its creatures are all deeply connected. 

A mind boggling number of creatures great and small call them home (there are 228,450 known species in the ocean ranging from seaweed to the blue whale and at least 2 million more that remain a mystery); from the Zooplankton, or Microzooplankton, the smallest marine creature in the ocean ranging in size from 0.002cm - 0.02cm, to the herculean blue whale, the largest ever recorded coming in at an extraordinary 33 meters. 

The Ocean supports the livelihood of 3 billion people worldwide and also puts food on our table. 

Our oceans give all. Tender, powerful, gentle, ebbing, flowing, beautiful ocean.
Töastie are proud to support the not for profit organisation, Plastic Tides and greatly respect their approach to educating and cleaning up our oceans, connected to the ocean via the medium of stand up paddle boards. 

Here we are sharing their five simple ways you can ditch plastic for good. 

1. Stop buying bottle water. By making the switch to reusable bottles, you can save 1460 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. Get your whole family on board and that's thousands of bottles that you are saying no to. 

Check out our stylish range of happy, colourful, stainless steel water bottles by sustainable brand One Green Bottle here

2. Stop picking up plastic bags at the supermarket and shop with Reusable bags. By making this change, you can stop 1,500 plastic bags from getting wrapped around or consumed by our beautiful marine creatures. 

Your Tiny Explorer can be your little helper, loading up their Sticky Lemon backpack at the checkout. Their timeless colour blocking is the last word in ultimate explorer style. Shop backpacks here

3. Say NO to plastic straws. You can save 584 straws from clogging up our oceans by making this switch. 

4. Recycle everything! Check out Terracycle for ways to recycle absolutely everything you use. On busy days I often resort to Ella's Kitchen food pouches for my baby girl and you can even find drop-off locations across the UK specifically for baby food pouches

5. Shop seasonal and local. Most larger towns in the UK have food markets which are a wonderful way to buy affordable, fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables for your family. Or check out this Farm Shop directory for a list of registered farm shops in your area. You will be amazed by how different fruit and veg can taste that hasn't been wrapped in plastic and travelled for miles. 

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