"Little Things That Run The World"

Founded by the The Royal Entomological Society, Insect Week is a celebration of all things insect and an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the huge importance that insects play in maintaining a healthy and balanced planet.

In the UK, flying insects have declined by 60% in the last 20 years. Insects and pollinators play a critical role in the health of our environment and it is down to each and every one of us to play our part in their protection. 

Wonderful campaigns have been springing up around the country; from No Mow May which gives plants the opportunity to flower, providing vital nectar and pollen sources for insects, to inspiring rewilding projects across the country, led by Rewilding Britain

Small actions have huge impacts and as our children are the future custodians of our planet, together we must help educate them on the wonders of these mini beasts! 

You can start by simply encouraging your little one to start noticing nature 🔍 lifting up rocks to see what scuttles beneath.

Our insect magnifier boxes are brilliant little tools, where you can gently scoop an insect into the box and look through the magnifier to see the detail of the little critter within. 

🕷️ How many legs does it have?
🪲 What colour is its shell?
🦗 Does it have antennae's that look like eyes on stalks? 

Now you've checked at the bottom of your garden, it's time to explore new territories. Some careful planning for your adventure will stand you in good stead.

Check the weather forecast ~ sunshine and showers?

Our UV Protection Rash Vest is the perfect top to wear; soft, comfortable and breathable it will keep your little one cool and protected from the harmful rays of the sun. The bright colour combinations are brilliant for adventures, ensuring you can immediately spot your little one.

Our waterproof Pack-a-Mac have a silky soft shell and breathable airtex lining, so they won't hold your Tiny Explorer back. This lightweight windbreaker packs down into a bag within the pocket, with a loop that will fit around a child's wrist or can be clipped to the outside of a rucksack ~ not taking up valuable sandwich and snacking space inside. 

Pack a magnifying glass to zoom in on plants, flowers and bugs to appreciate the world in greater detail. 

Our Adventure Shop is packed with everything you need to explore and understand nature; from reusable water bottles made from recycled plastics, to planting kits for budding your gardeners, bee revival kits to perk up weary bees, books and games all designed to connect your little one to nature. Perfect for gifts and full of everyday adventure essentials! 

Now you're all set for your adventure, below is a little more information you can impart to your Tiny Explorer as you happily roam and notice nature together. 

Here's why Insect Week is so important and why it matters to much to look after our insects;
🪲 Biodiversity: Insects make up the majority of Earth’s species. By celebrating them, we raise awareness and children's interests about their vital role in ecosystems. They pollinate plants, recycle nutrients, and provide food for other animals.

🪲 Conservation: Insect populations are declining due to habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change. Insect Week encourages conservation efforts, emphasising the need to protect these tiny but crucial creatures.

🪲 Education: Insect Week inspires curiosity and learning of science natural history. It engages people of all ages, fostering a deeper understanding of insects’ significance and their impact on our lives.

🪲 Inspiration: Insects’ incredible adaptations, behaviours, and diversity inspire interests such as scientific research and artistic creativity. From dragonfly eyes with thousands of facets to the silky webs of spiders, they captivate our imagination.