When it comes to keeping kids dry and comfortable in wet weather, waterproof clothing is a must-have. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best gear for your little ones. To help you navigate the world of waterproof clothing for kids, we are sharing our 6 top tips. Read on to find out everything you need to know to help keep your kids warm and dry even on the wettest of days.

High Quality Outer-Shell

Waterproof clothing is only effective if it's made with materials that can withstand water. Look for clothing made with waterproof fabric to keep your child dry and comfortable, even in heavy rain. 

At Töastie, we use recycled plastic bottles to create a soft-touch polyester outer-shell for our coats including the Classic Raincoat and the Wild 3-in-1 Raincoat. Polyester is known for its strength, durability, and wrinkle-resistant properties. Not only is it a sustainable and responsibly sourced material, but it is also completely waterproof up to 8,000mm. 

Toastie Kids Classic Waterproof Coat

What Is A Waterproof Rating In Clothes?

The ‘mm rating’ for waterproof clothing refers to the fabric's waterproof rating, which is a measure of its ability to resist water. The rating is determined by the amount of water pressure that the fabric can withstand before it begins to leak.

For example, a waterproof fabric with a rating of 8,000 mm can withstand 8,000 mm of water pressure without leaking. This means that it is very resistant to water and can handle heavy rain or snow. On the other hand, a fabric with a rating of 1,000 mm would be less resistant to water and might begin to leak in heavy rain or snow.

Breathable Lining

While a waterproof outer layer is essential, it's also essential that the clothing is breathable. Breathable materials allow moisture to escape, helping to prevent your child from getting too hot and sweaty. This is especially important for kids who are active and tend to get warm quickly.

All of our collections are designed to allow children maximum time spent outdoors exerting energy. As such, all have varying types of breathable inner-layers depending on the function and intended end use. 

The Töastie Waterproof Puddlesuits and Dungarees feature a breathable, Airtex lining, which is silky soft and super light, making these ideal choices for all year round use. Airtex is a type of fabric lining that is designed to allow air to circulate, helping to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. It is also known for its durability and resistance to abrasion, and as a result is often used in clothing and shoes that are designed for high-impact activities, such as hiking or running.

Toastie Kids Waterproof Dungarees

What Are Taped Seams?

Taped seams are an essential feature to look for when choosing waterproof clothing for your child. They are used to seal the seams of the clothing, making it more resistant to water.

Seams are the places where different pieces of fabric are sewn together to form the clothing. Without taped seams, water can seep through the holes created by the stitches, causing the clothing to become wet. Taped seams help to prevent this by covering the seams with a thin, waterproof tape.

How To Ensure A Good Fit With Children’s Coat

Ensuring a good fit for your child's coats and other waterproof clothing is important for both comfort and effectiveness. Here are some tips to help you choose clothing that fits your child well:

  1. Measure your child: Measure your child's chest, waist, hips, and inseam, and use these measurements to choose the right size.
  2. Allow for extra layers: In colder weather, your child may need to wear layers underneath their coat. Choose a coat that is large enough to allow for this.
  3. Consider the fit: Clothing that is too tight or too loose will not provide the best protection against the elements. Look for clothing that fits well, without being too restrictive or too baggy.
  4. Pay attention to the sleeves and hem: The sleeves and hem of a coat should be long enough to cover your child's wrists and ankles, respectively. This will help to keep your child warm and dry in wet or cold weather.

Shopping for kids clothing at toastiekids.com? We provide a helpful size guide for all our children’s clothing, simply click on the size guide under the age selections on a product page to find out the measurements for each piece. 

Extra Features For Kids Waterproof Clothing

There are several extra features that can be found in waterproof clothing for kids that can provide added protection and comfort in wet weather. Here are a few examples to keep an eye out for:

  1. Hoods: A hood can help to keep your child's head and face dry in wet weather. Our engineered snug hood and peaks allow extra weather protection.
  2. Reflective elements: Reflective strips or other reflective details can help to increase your child's visibility in low light conditions. 
  3. Adjustable cuffs and hem: Adjustable cuffs and hem can help to seal out the elements and keep your child warm and dry. 
  4. Pockets: Pockets can be a useful feature in waterproof clothing for kids, as they provide a place to store small items and keep hands warm. 

If you’re looking for a coat that will tick all the boxes in the heaviest Winter weather, the Töastie 'North Star' Parka is the perfect cold-weather companion for your child. With an eco faux-down fill providing both warmth and breathability, cosy sherpa hood lining and luxury faux-fur detachable trim on the hood, your little one will feel completely protected. 

Toastie North Star Parka Jacket

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your child stays dry and comfortable, no matter what the weather brings. Remember to choose high-quality materials, look for a breathable lining, pay attention to fit, and consider extra features. With the right waterproof clothing, your child will be ready to take on any rainy day adventure. 

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