Composting is the practice of making organic material such as food waste into nutrient-rich compost that is then used as a soil conditioner that will improve the quality of dirt in your garden.

If you have never dabbled in composting, it is time to make the change. There are oh so many reasons why which I will go into shortly, but for me the absolute satisfaction of knowing that I can control this one element of waste from ending up on a landfill is everything. 

Composting is good for the soul / soil

First step is to commit to buying a compost bin or creating a compost heap, space dependent (I can't profess to being an expert on this, we have a very basic style that sits amongst some overgrown grass in the corner of the garden to help R2D2 blend in), but fortuitously Gardeners World have done the legwork on this. 

Secondly, keep a large bowl on the window sill and start to offer up all your vegetable trimmings, last month's bananas that have been staring you down whilst getting blacker by the day, old flowers, coffee grounds, eggshells. You will be amazed by how quickly this builds up.

Composting creates nutrient rich soil which your plants will love.

By choosing to compost, you will save additional waste heading to landfill where it cannot organically decompose and thus produces methane gas, a major source of greenhouse gases. By choosing to compost, methane emissions are radically reduced.

The below do make a creepy looking pair (I like to call our compost bin R2D2 and it's truly one of my greatest loves!), but next Halloween chop your old pumpkins up and feed into your wonderful compost bin or compost heap. 18,000 pumpkins are discarded after Halloween and sent to landfill - this is a staggering amount of waste that could be doing so much good instead of harm. 

Always try and consider Mother Nature

We love this beautiful interpretation of tropical rainforest layers and ecosystem diorama by @thomasalm3ida, created from one of our Adventure boxes. 

" The ones who plant trees knowing that he or she will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life. "

~ Rabindranath Tagore