Long balmy summer days are what the school holidays are made for. Foraging in the hedgerows, hiding amongst the wild flowers, grubbing for insects and living wild and free with nature until the sun sets and home time beckons. 

@ourslowhome and her littles show us how to create the most beautiful driftwood rattles using shells, but you could always interpret these to match your own environment if shells are not close to hand 🌿

🐚 D R I F T W O O D     R A T T L E S 🐚

Turn a beach holiday scavenger hunt into a beautiful driftwood rattle ~

You will need:

* a forked stick
* shells where you are able to poke string through
* String to tie the shells
* Wool or ribbons to decorate

1. Find a forked stick

2. Collect some shells

3. Decorate the stick with wool, string or ribbons by wrapping it around

4. Tie the string across the top of the stick and thread on the shells, tie to the other side- you could also use an elastic band for this if you have some at home!

5. Rattle away!

Megan's shell collectors wear Töastie Kids waterproof rainwear; Olive Raincoat and Olive Dungarees (set available as a rainwear bundle) and a Here Comes the Sun Dungarees.

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