" I am such a huge advocate of seasonal eating and what I always find fascinating is that our bodies naturally crave foods that are in season (fresh berries in the Summer, hot soups in Winter for example). " 

~ Sophie Bertrand, 'Sophie's Healthy Kitchen'

This week we caught up with Sophie Betrand, the Mama and Nutritionist behind Sophie's Healthy Kitchen. Sophie is a huge advocate for fusing 'eating healthy' with 'eating for enjoyment'. This is SUCH an important message as the latter so often gets overlooked by the 'diet culture' telling us that we should eat as little as possible to fit into society's 'ideal' body shape. 

" We shouldn’t be ‘dieting’ to lose weight, we should be looking at our diet and asking ourselves: ‘Is my body getting all the essential nutrients it needs?’ AND – ‘I am enjoying what I am eating’… Because food should make us feel good too! " 

Sophie has shared her recipe for Spinach and Blackberry Muffins, perfect for you to enjoy with your kids, and given us a lovely sneak peek into her life with Romeo and the role that cooking, provenance of their food and time in nature play in his upbringing. 

I'm looking forward to letting my 3 year old loose with the mixing bowl this afternoon to redecorate the the kitchen with egg and flour, enjoy! 



Make spinach & blackberry muffins with me! A healthy snack to keep in your fridge for you and your kids!

You’ll need:
1 egg
1 banana
A large handful of spinach (I buy frozen spinach balls)
1 heaped tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp olive oil
1 cup oat flour
A handful of blackberries
Blend the egg, banana and spinach in a blender until smooth. Pour into a bowl and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Distribute into muffin cases and bake in the oven for 15 mins at 180C. Allow to cool and keep in airtight container in the fridge.

🙌  ENJOY  🙌

1. Your weekly roundups of Romeo's meals provide so much inspiration for weaning, do you have any tricks to encourage little ones to 'eat the rainbow'?

I always have so many messages from parents messaging me, concerned about the lack of variety in their childs diet and its completely normal for kids to have days or weeks of not eating the variety you put in front of them but the key is to keep offering it. Exposure to diverse foods is really important and eating with your child is likely to encourage them to try what you are eating too!

2. Any great hacks you can share with us for getting kids involved in the kitchen?

Absolutely! Romeo loves watching me food prep. You can start by simply getting them interested in food by getting them involved in your food shop! Let them hold the veg etc and see what you are adding to the basket. You can then get them adding ingredients into the bowl when creating recipes, letting them mix things with a spoon. Just be prepared for a little more mess!

3. We are huge advocates for growing our own produce and eating seasonal fruits and veggies. We would love to hear more about the benefits of eating seasonally?

I am such a huge advocate of seasonal eating and what I always find fascinating is that our bodies naturally crave foods that are in season (fresh berries in the Summer, hot soups in Winter for example). Foods that are in Season are more nutritionally dense and richer in flavour (which is why berries are so much more juicy and flavoursome in season). Its also more sustainable to eat foods that are in season and it can help increase overall variety in our diet.

4. What is your favourite way to spend time outdoors in nature with Romeo?

Now that he’s walking so confidently on his own we love going to the open field round the corner from our house with our dog Bear and throwing the ball for him! Romeo has always loved being outside even when he was a baby, he was always so happy to be in the fresh air.

5. As working mummas we know the struggles of finding time to 'do it all' in a day! What are your top tips for finding balance?

For me, routine is key. I like to structure my day and write down the things I want to achieve. Being efficient with your time is key and I feel like I am finally managing my time really well (most of the time!).

You can follow Sophie for healthy and delicious recipe inspiration on instagram @sophiebertrand_ or enjoy a wealth of recipes via her website sophieshealthykitchen.com


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