"Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature."


This Valentine share the love far and wide with our 'Plant a Smile'. What could be more uplifting during these endlessly difficult times than sharing love through nature and making it arms wide open to all. 

Our wonderful green fingered Head of Creative Concept and Design grew the most beautiful wild garden last year and at the end of the season (in Autumn), harvested the dried seed heads and collected the little seeds hiding within. She harvested from her beautiful Sweet Peas and Wild Poppy's and kept them in little jars waiting for the right moment to share them. 

Tish's little girl and young apprentice 'Tiggy' then decanted the seeds into little pots, created sweet little labels for each pot and set up a trestle table at the end of their drive. 
 And as if you could need any further living proof of the effect of these little acts of sharing and giving, they received a letter from a neighbour who had collected some seeds 🖤

Most Poppy's thrive well in slightly dry, drained soil (and are able to grow in poor soil) and prefer in full sun. As we all do. However, I can assure they will still peep through regardless of slightly inclement conditions! 

Wishing you all, wherever you may be, a Happy Valentines. If you feel that you are spending it alone, you are not. Step outside and join Mother Nature in all her glory, love is in bountiful supply in the great outdoors. 

🖤 🌱 🖤

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