The simplicity of this activity makes it perfect for your little ones to lead and so engaging as they discover the natural colours that are drawn from fruits and plants found in our hedgerows. 

@ourslowhome's littles helpers show us how to create the beautiful paints from nature and how to paint with them using sticks and feathers foraged along the way. 

🎨 P A I N T S   F R O M   N A T U R E 🎨

1. Collect feathers, leaves, branches, etc
2. Collect natural pigments for the colour ~ blackberries work well, but let your little ones explore different fruits and leaves they may find as they forage

~ you can also use mud and in this example the ochre colour is from turmeric

3. Mash the berries and mix in a little water with your colours
4. Get your work station ready!
5. Time to paint and explore how the different materials give a different end effect.

Les petites artistes are wearing Töastie Kids waterproof rainwear; Olive Raincoat and Olive Dungarees (set available as a rainwear bundle) and Here Comes the Sun Dungarees.

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