" This has to be one of my favourite times of year. The door in the kitchen that remains firmly shut in the winter prises open each day at 8am as the once hungry bellies, now full with porridge, descend on the garden to tinker, potter and climb. The areas of my garden where I doubted life would and even could spring forth display their buds and blooms and feet live outside of shoes with dirt under nails just as it should be. "

Megan Landreth-Smith @ourslowhome

This week we are absolutely enchanted with the natural loom that Megan and her children created from materials found in nature. This is such a beautiful activity and suitable for all ages. Over to Megan to show you how. 


These warmer days also mean creativity seems to soar as little hands access nature’s playground and art box. So here is an idea for you to try. 

If you have access to a garden space it could be done there or it’s perfect for doing on a walk or over a little bit of time as you collect the different elements. 

What you need:

-4 Sticks

-String/wool (we recycled some from our foodbox order)

-A handful of flowers/leaves etc. to weave!

Here's how: 

🌱 Collect 4 sticks. These can be multiple sizes and shapes as it will make your frame unique to you!

🌱 Create the frame. Wrap two sticks together at a time. You can go for it yourself or use a lashing knot. https://www.animatedknots.com/square-lashing-knot

🌱Once the frame is made tie one end of your string at the bottom right hand corner and pull the string taught to the top. You can do this however you like but I found it was tighter when I wrapped it twice around the top before bringing it back to the bottom wrapping twice again and back to the top. Continue along the length of the frame and tie off.

🌱 Collect flowers/leaves/materials etc. 

You’re now ready to weave! For younger children they can just poke the flowers in! For older ones, encourage them to weave in and out!

To engage your kids even further you could talk about what they have picked to put in their frame. Apps like ‘Picture this’ are really effective in highlighting the name of plants and flowers, or you could use books you have at home or from the library to identify. 

Picking flowers and leaves is also a  great opportunity to talk to your kids about honouring the earth and only taking what we need as well as trying to stick to paths as much as possible- undeniably hard with young explorers! 

The craft is very adaptable. For a younger child you may want to give them the frame to weave on once you have finished making it. For an older child, they may be able to do all the stages- they could even create grooves on the stick to make the loom even tighter when attaching the string. They may also want to weave in fabrics or other materials.

We hope you have fun! 



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