We love a beautifully crisp, cold, day and have been particularly fortunate to have woken up to several frosty mornings of late, where the grass is glistening with silver shards. 

As tempting as it is to snuggle up inside, this is a lovely time to wrap up and get outside with the kids. There is nothing more satisfying that being all wrapped up foraging outdoors for beautiful winter foliage on a cold and frosty day, then returning home to wrap chilly little hands around a big mug of hot chocolate. 

To make the whole experience more magical, read on to discover how to turn your winter walks into magical foliage forages and then into enchanting ice lanterns ✨


You will need: 

* A basket to collect your foraged finds; leaves, berries, pinecones, shells, pebbles, petals (warm gloves to keep your hands warm!)

* 1 large bowl to fill with your magical finds

*1 small bowl or jar to create a small space in the centre of the lantern

* Stone or pebble to weigh down the small bowl, once you have poured water into the large bowl

*A small dose of patience to wait for it to freeze outside overnight or place in the freezer as a sneaky cheat

* A tealight to light up your lanterns and bring a smile to these cold January days

How To:

* Place your small bowl in the centre of your large bowl and weigh it down with a stone

* Fill the large bowl with all your magical foraged finds

* Fill the large bowl with water and leave outside if it's cold enough or place in the freezer overnight

* The following morning run a little warm water and the small interior bowl should slide out. leaving you with a hollow centre that you can place the tealight in

❄️ Et, voila! ❄️

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