This Halloween rediscover the magic of childhood 💫

Did you know that words have been quietly disappearing from our dictionaries, stolen away under the cover of darkness? Words that should be treasured, words that hold a deep sense of nostalgia. Words that should be the sum of a childhood well spent. 


The Lost Spells stands against the disappearance of wild childhood. It is a joyful celebration of the poetry of nature words and the living glory of our distinctive, British countryside. 

From Acorn to Weasel, with acrostic spell-poems by award-winning writer Robert Macfarlane and exquisite hand-painted illustrations by Jackie Morris, this enchanting pocket book captures the irreplaceable magic of and wonder of the natural world.

Weave your own willow Wands

Create a witches apothecary
Crush them, mix them, bottle them and let the spellbinding begin:

Tiny Dandelion Seed Heads ~ Trapped Fairies
Broken Razor Shells ~ Trolls Fingernails
Little Twigs ~ Crows Legs
Conkers ~ Eye of a Deer
Horse Chestnut Cases ~ Giants Eyelids
Crushed up Dried Leaves ~ Witches Scabs
Boiled Beetroot ~ Beetlejuice
" We forage for petals that have already fallen on the ground as potion ingredients and seek out the best mixing twigs we can find. I like to set my kids up with individual stations but nearby as they seem to play a little longer that way - pausing to peer over their sister’s shoulders to compare. "
~ Africa, The Vitamin D Project

If you're looking for inspiration on how to bring Halloween Magic into your lives this weekend, @thejoyjournal has tricks and treats for magical and mindful ways to do this.

How to weave nature into magic with Nature Wands or use your foraging finds to create Magic Water, can be found in the endlessly inspirational Joy Journal, available in our Nature Bookshop. 

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