Create Gardening Tools from Loo Roll Tubes

Posted by Kirstie Duke on February 15, 2024

All you’ll need for this craft is loo roll tubes, cardboard, some tape and some scissors.

To make your spade, cut a semi circle out of one of your loo roll tubes on one side, then repeat on the other.  For your handle, cut another loo roll tube open, roll it into a tighter tube and tape to secure.

Next to attach those both together, cut a strip from your cardboard sheet and wrap this around one end of your handle, then slide it into the spade tube, where it should fit snugly.

Next for your fork, cut a semicircle again but on the other side, cut out three prongs. Repeat the process for making your handles, and your gardening tools are complete! 

Thank you @sydneypiercey for sharing this wonderful activity from her Sustainable Play book. 


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