Coronation Crowns ~ Celebrate in Style

The 6th of May marks a truly historic day in our National calendar, as we welcome our new Monarch, King Charles III to the throne, with all the pomp and ceremony you would read about in fairytales. 

Coronations of British Monarch's have been held at Westminster Abbey for over 950 years, so this is a unique opportunity to be a part of something so steeped in history it will almost feel other-worldly. 
Pared back elegance or illustrious detail, our step-by-step guide shows you how to create your dream crown, inspired by and foraged from nature.

You will need:

* Card - cut into 5cm wide strips to fit you me child’s head 
* Biodegradable sellotape (yep they do biodegradable now 🤩) 
* PVA Glue or Glue Gun Adult supervision ALWAYS required
* Non toxic Poster Paints in Red, Blue, White & Gold 
* Paint Brushes 
* Twigs & Leaves 🍃 (We used Ivy as it’s easy to find, creates a good shape and there’s stacks of it around) 

How To:

* Forage and collect your twigs & leaves 

* Imagine or sketch how you’d like your crown to look (or freestyle it, kids often prefer that!)

* Cover your surfaces with old paper or cloth and put aprons on children to protect their clothes 

* Paint the leaves and twigs in the gold, red, white and blue paint. We like to just do the tips of the twigs in gold but you can do whatever you like! Leave to dry for an hour or two 

* Cut the card and measure to your child’s head, secure at the back with sellotape 

* Secure the twigs to the card with tape 

* Once these are on and the painted twigs and leaves are dry, attach these to the crown base with PVA glue, tape or a Glue Gun 

* Transform your little one into a King or a Queen for the day!

" The future of mankind can be assured only if we rediscover ways in which to live as a part of nature, not apart from her. "

~ King Charles III

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