" We created a solar system with seeds and grains, some of them coloured to reflect the true planet colours. "
One of our all time favourite Mama and child creative wonder's are Loren and her son Thomas. Together they have a kaleidoscopic imagination - be prepared to go down the most wonderful rabbit hole with Loren's instagram account @thomasalm3ida

This week they have created a solar system using one of our Adventure Boxes, seeds and grains. This project is engaging and educational - and visual learning helps store information for longer as images are directly processed by your long term memory. 
First, they outlined circular objects to create the planet: 
Then they cut strips from the Adventure Box to act as the rim around the planet:

They looked to replicate the view from space of the different planets: 

And lastly, they used seeds and grains, placed in a food bag and dyed to match the colours of the planets and poured the beautiful seeds and grains into the planet templates to create their own Solar System:

We think this is MAGICAL 🪐