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Töastie | Tiny Explorer is the new British outerwear brand for the TinyExplorer®. We passionately believe that children's clothing must be functional, fashionable, super soft and comfortable.

At the heart of Töastie | Tiny Explorer is the conviction that every child should have the ability to freely explore the wonderful outdoors without being restricted by the clothes they’re dressed in.

Töastie | Tiny Explorer specialises in creating premium outerwear for children with carefully considered design, highest quality fabrics and an engineered fit. Our ethos is to create sustainable, weather- proof clothing for children that is wearable any season.

Töastie | Tiny Explorer is stylish, comfortable and durable, with a playful twist.

Drawing on over 15 years in the fashion industry, our primary consideration is how a child feels when they are wearing our products. 

As parents we understand. 

It is paramount that we create outerwear and clothing that is highly wearable, durable and comfortable, giving children the freedom ability to explore and move freely without restriction. All of our outerwear is endlessly machine washable. 

As designers we know the devil is in the detail. 

We select the most premium quality fabrics to ensure maximum comfort, longevity and reliability. 

From concept and design; careful consideration of every feature, investing in special treatments and brushings to create ultimate softness for our tiny explorers, engineered fit allowing room for growth, rigorous questioning and testing of materials, reviewing provenance and sustainability and, finally, production. 

We consider every detail to the minutiae, fusing fashion with function, to create aspirational collections that your children will want to wear. 

We care deeply about our environment and will endeavour to do all we can to limit our impact on the planet; from sourcing through to production.